Irreversible electroporation


A new method for treating prostate cancer:
Irreversible Electroporation, NanoKnife

Prostate carcinoma is one of the most common cancers in men. In addition to the traditional therapies, such as radical removal of the prostate and radiation, a new treatment strategy is establishing itself with focal therapy. As has long been the case with other types of cancer, focal therapy does not involve removing the entire organ or radiating it. Instead, only the tumour is treated in a minimally invasive and gentle way. Focal therapy for prostate cancer is not suitable for every patient and requires precise diagnosis. If certain criteria are met, irreversible electroporation (IRE) can be performed as a gentle method with few side effects for patients with localised prostate carcinoma.

IRE - what is it?
IRE - for which patient?
How does IRE work?
Always the first step:

Precise diagnostics

"We perform irreversible electroporation in Basel with the NanoKnife®. We offer this therapy exclusively to affected patients who meet certain criteria and are interested in this gentle method with few side effects."

Private lecturer Dr. med. Malte Rieken
alta uro AG, Basel

Malte Rieken, MD
Also established for prostate cancer:

The focal therapy

"For me, focal therapy for prostate cancer is the prime example of minimally invasive cancer therapy. Convincing data on tumour control in the short and medium term, as well as the preservation of urinary and sexual functions in most cases speak for themselves."

Prof. Dr. med. Gernot Bonkat
alta uro AG, Basel